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Scooters everywhere! It seems like there is a scooter craze in our neighborhoods, and young children are getting into this activity in a big way. If your child has a kick scooter and now is ready for something of the motorized variety it might be time to consider an electric powered scooter. adult electric scooter There are adult electric scooternumerous choices in the marketplace, and knowing what factors to consider is important. Many children push their parents to start with an electric scooter that might not be age appropriate. Before you head out shopping try and be armed with some basic information so you are not pushed into making the wrong choice for your child. The first decision point is what style to buy.

The choices are purchasing a "stand up" scooter similar to a kick scooter, which is electric powered, or the riding type similar to a motor scooter. This choice is a function of the age of the child you are shopping for. If the child is in the age range of 6 to 14 years then a stand up, kick style electric scooter is what you are looking for. If your child is 13 to 14 years old then the motor bike style electric scooter is appropriate. Check with your local authorities to make sure there are no laws, or restrictions regarding the age appropriateness of your scooter selection. Some purchasing factors to consider before you buy are:

Carrying Capacity: The heavier the rider the slower the scooter and the range will be affected as well. Acceleration and top speed are determined by the size of the rider. As a rule of thumb electric scooters for children are built for riders weighing less than 175 lbs.

Speed: Stand up, and ride type scooters like the Razor Pocket Rocket model have top speeds that do not exceed 15mph. Top speed depends on several factors, most notably the weight of the rider and the terrain being traveled. Factors like tire pressure and charge level of the batteries also affect performance but to a lesser degree. A good estimate of typical speed is in the 10 mph range.

Distance or Range Per Battery Charge: A better measure of travel capability is riding time or motor run time per charge. This performance aspect can vary significantly depending on battery type which will be reflected in the cost of the scooter. A rough estimate is about 45 minutes of motor "on time" per charge. Factors such as the weight of the rider, and terrain, can affect this performance parameter. The typical adult electric scooter distance range is 8 to 10 miles. The range will vary depending on model; just keep in mind the person selling the electric scooter will probably quote a figure that is on the high end of the range. Battery recharge time for a typical scooter battery is 4 to 6 hours. If you have an active youngster you might want to explore a second set of batteries!

Price: Avoid the "kick" style electric scooters that sell for less than $100. These scooters are available at 'big box" retailers and while being functional initially, they probably won't be of the quality and durability that can withstand the scooter jumping and antics of an active 10 year old child. You should be able to purchase a "kick" style electric scooter in the $125 to $275 price range. A durable motor bike style electric scooter should be in the $325 and up price range.