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. Anyone watching knows they should.When it comes to the left side, New York is dead last in the majors in batting average (.168), OPS (.540), BABIP (.204), wOBA (.249) and wRC+ (58). Yankees lefties are only a few steps from the cellar when it comes to runs, home runs, RBI and ISO. So when MLB Networks Jon Morosi tweeted that the prior to the trade deadline, it read more like a statement of the obvious than a report.Even Aaron Boone was open about his teams lack of lefty output when asked about it Monday. Obviously to this point, we havent gotten a ton of production from that side, the manager said, rattling off a few struggling names as he went. But we Reggie Jackson Jersey also feel like we have people capable of being Jed Lowrie Jersey real contributors to us and turning it around. Hopefully, that can start to happen. Boone can hope all he wantsBrett Gardner actually hit a triple Monday after the skipper predicted he would get things rollingbut the reality is that the Yankees dont have much going for them on the left side.Tyler Wade, a player whose big-league viability revolves around his glove, is slashing .280/.333/.280 as he fills in for Gleyber Torres at shortstop. Theres a case to be madeagainst a low bar and with a small samplethat the no-pop, utility defender has been New Yorks most consistent lefty.Thats problematic, especially when considering that short porch in the Bronx.The return of Rougned Odor, who was afternoon, will add some power to the active roster. He has four home runs , but hes hitting well below the Mendoza Line. Aaron Hicks, a switch-hitter, is better from the right side when healthy, and Mike Fords powerful end to the 2019 season hasnt come close to being replicated since. Gardner, meanwhile, is striking out at a career-high rate.NamePASlashMiscTyler Wade27.280/.333/.280Defensive versatilityAaron Hicks *90.173/.300/.240Injured (torn sheath in left wrist)Brett Gardner93.188/.272/.25024.7 K%, would be career-worstMike Ford52.091/.231/.227Batting .119 since 2020Rougned Odor70.164/.271/.3614/10 H are HRJay Bruce39.118/.231/.235Retired after 10 GMike Tauchman16 Walt Weiss Jersey .214/.267/.286Traded to Giants on April 27Scroll to ContinueSo what exactly do the Yankees do about this sinistral stumble?One answer, contrary to Morosis tweet, is nothing. This was, after all, a predictable problem when the Yankees went into the season with a heavily right-handed lineup and a collection of lefties who were either unproven or past their prime.One could argue things are going as expected.Considering the Yankees desire to stay below the Glenn Hubbard Jersey $210 million Competitive Balance Tax threshold, its not crazy to think that they might actually take up this approach and hope their incumbent lefties improve. If not, , one of their top prospects, especially with so many outfielders hurt or flailing. Considering there are some established players named up above, this would not be the craziest gamble, though its certainly not a safe one.Of course, a team with expectations as lofty as New York should not be making that bet. Its too early to tell if the Yankees would begrudgingly surpa s the CBT threshold but there should be lefty upgrades available in the coming weeks and months. An incomplete list could include current opponent Joey Gallo, a nest of Diamondbacksincluding Arizonas Ketel Marte and David PeraltaJoc Pederson and Andrew Benintendi. Whether the Yankees would pursue any of those namesor any namesremains to be seen, but its become clear that the team needs help on the port side. I know the numbers havent been very good, Boone said, but I also feel like, hopefully, over time that will start to change.Theres that word again. Its hard to fault Catfish Hunter Jersey Boone for expre sing faith in the pieces hes been given, but the numbers say the Yankees need a lot more than hope when it comes to their left-handed options. MORE:

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