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The 2014 NFL Draft cla s is a hot topic lately, primarily thanks to the ma sive contract signed by of the . It's the first extension given to any quarterback in this cla s, during the first offseason in which the players from 2014 were eligible to receive extensions.Which got us thinking: Wow do the quarterbacks in this draft cla s slot out if you were picking them today? To be sure, they do not slot out in the same way they were drafted.The gist of this exercise Shelby Harris Jersey was basically whether a team would trade Player X for Player Y while sorting the quarterbacks out into tiers. The other le son that's sort of popped up through all of this? We've had a nice little run the last few years drafting quarterbacks after a pretty bad stretch there where not many emerged.2013 was an unmitigated disaster, obviously, and 2014 doesn't look great right now, but it did produce at least one guy who looks like a franchise quarterback as of this writing. Let's get to the ranking. if you hate something. 1. Derek Carr, RaidersIt's pretty remarkable what a blowout this choice is, that Carr is the only guy you would absolutely be willing to give millions of dollars to be your quarterback for the short- and long-term. The Raiders did just that recently, over five years; the exact guarantees and contract details can be debated, but Oakland ponied up in a big way as soon as Carr was eligible to be paid and ensured he would be their franchise quarterback for a long time. There were many people who did not love Carr coming out of Fresno State. (That includes me, and Raiders fans relish reminding me about it. Being wrong is part of the gig. I was wrong on Carr.) Part of it was the lack of succe s his brother had at the NFL level -- that's probably half the reasons the couldn't take him with their first pick in the second round, much le s the first pick overall.But if you went back and redid the 2014 NFL Draft, Carr would be a no-brainer No. 1 overall pick because of the position he plays. That's pretty impre sive considering this is a draft that features , , and . Looking back over the last half decade as a whole, Carr would not be the first quarterback taken but he would be one of the top five along with , , and . If you want to extend it all the way back to the 2007 draft, Carr would still be a top-10 guy in terms of quarterbacks over that time span; he is 11th overall in touchdowns thrown by all quarterbacks drafted since 2007. Only , , , , , Luck, Wilson, , and have more. All of those guys have, at minimum, a two-year head start on Carr. He is very much in a cla s by himself here, even if living up to the expectations of 12 Dalton Risner Jersey wins last year and a $125 million offseason, all while coming off a broken leg, are going to be extremely difficult. 2. , If Garoppolo played for any other team that was refusing to give him up in a trade involving multiple first-round picks, he wouldn't be here. It's the fact that the Patriots refuse to let him go, even if it's simply as an insurance policy for a 40-year-old , that makes him so enticing. We saw what Jimmy G is capable of doing on the field in two starts last year, when he completed 68.3 percent of his pa ses for 502 yards and four touchdowns in what can only be described as an impre sive regular season debut as starter while filling in for a suspended Tom Brady. By all accounts the were willing to give up multiple high picks in order to acquire Garoppolo this offseason and yet the Patriots had, by all accounts, zero interest in dealing their backup quarterback, even though Garoppolo has just a single year left on his rookie contract. If New England wants to keep him around past 2017, it will require either using the franchise tag or negotiating what promises to be a Alexander Johnson Jersey tricky contract: both Brady and Garoppolo are represented by the same agent (Don Yee), and Brady wants to play until he's 45 years old. If Brady realizes that dream, or even gets halfway there, Garoppolo might sign a contract that restricts him from actually playing football for a few years. Taking over for Brady while continuing to work with Belichick might be worth the gamble on his part, but it's just hard to imagine a competitive quarterback being willing to wait out that opportunity. It's also a difficult use of the Patriots' salary cap space if they want to continue to challenge for Super Bowl titles. There is no telling where Garoppolo would slot in terms of quarterbacks taken in the last decade, because we just don't Eric Saubert Jersey know enough about him. But it's very obvious where he slots in terms of the quarterbacks drafted in 2014. He is a question mark, but one that feels like a gamble worth taking.3. , Do you trust doctors to fix more than you trust Doug Marrone to fix Bortles? That's the question you have to ask yourself when ranking the third and fourth quarterbacks on this list. But from the perspective of looking at this list right now, Bortles has to get the edge, primarily because he's not injured.Bortles would have been in discu sion for the second spot on this list before the 2016 season after a strong sophomore year that featured him throwing 35 touchdowns. He gets the third spot in the ranking right now because the Jaguars will find out with some certainty whether they want to keep Bortles around after the 2017 season. Neither he nor Bridgewater are signed past this year because the Jags and declined to pick up their respective fifth-year options. The difference is that, barring a Sam Bradford injury, the Vikes won't be able to see what Bridgewater can do from a health standpoint. The Jaguars will have an answer on Bortles, good or bad. Then Bortles fell off a cliff in 2016, one Mike Ford Jersey of the most horrific seasons you will ever see from a young quarterback. Critics will point to 2015 as a year where Bortles simply piled up garbage time stats courtesy of the Jaguars trailing. There's fairne s to that charge but the drop from Bortles' performance from 2015 to 2016 was not about hidden garbage time stats.What we saw in 2016 was a quarterback who looked lost mechanically -- Bortles yards per attempt average dropped by nearly a full yard and his average yards per game dropped by 30 yards. He was sacked 17 le s times than his league-leading 51 in 2015, but he still managed to . That includes this horrific throw: PICK-6 ALERT! takes Blake Bortles' pa s to the HOUSE. NFL (@NFL) Things got so bad for Bortles he couldn't even throw the ball away without throwing an interception, to T.J. Yeldon's feet and had the ball bounce into the air. So at least there was a little bad luck involved. There was also some hope for 2017: in the final two games of 2016, after Doug Marrone took over as interim coach, Bortles completed more than 66 percent of his pa ses for 626 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions.No one is buying that as offseason momentum for the following season, but Marrone being in charge of his development is something if you're gras

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