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The play the this coming Sunday. That matchup, of course, means head coach/personnel guru Chip Brandon Clarke Jersey Kelly's team squares off against running back , whom Kelly traded to Buffalo during the offseason.In the least surprising development in human history, nearly every question either party has fielded this week has been about the other. McCoy expre sed a to shake Kelly's hand at the game but also said there's no animosity between them. On Thursday, Kelly was asked for his thoughts about the trade. He first muttered some platitudes about McCoy's talent and his own regrets about how news of the trade was broken:Coach Kelly: I have great respect for LeSean McCoy. I think he's a heck of a football player. Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) Coach Kelly: I felt bad that I didn't get a chance to talk to LeSean McCoy when he was traded. I talk to every player before they leave. Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) And then he let loose with his justification for making the deal, which ... was was incredibly obvious: it's , baby. (via )I think we did the right thing at the time. We traded an outstanding running back for a linebacker, but we also traded $700,000 for $11.9 million. With all those situations, theres money involved. one of the things we had was a lot of players who were older, at the end of their contracts, who were getting paid big money. In this league, sometimes a guy signs a four-year, $45 million contract, but its two years at $16 million guaranteed, the rest of it isnt, and the back end is really high."So you have to make decisions when guys arent in guaranteed years about what youre going to do Jaren Jackson Jr. Jersey . So however you look at it, whether it gave us an opportunity to get somebody defensively with that extra money, or it gave us an opportunity because we had to free up money to get Sam. It was a tough decision, but with all those guys we let go this year who were integral to my first two years here, those decisions were made by money. Those decisions werent made because we dont think theyre good football players or we dont think theyre good people." De'Anthony Melton Jersey I think people kind of forget that. When you look at it, thats a lot of money. We have three running backs this year who their salary cap hit this year is $11.1 million. We had one guy making $11.9 million.The three running backs Kelly's referring to, of course, are , , and . The decision to have those three for the price of one would probably look a whole lot better if half the season hadn't been spent running Murray parallelto the line of scrimmage for little-to-no gain while letting the more productive Mathews sit on the bench, and then unceremoniously gluing Murray to the bench himself once Mathews was out with a concu sion; and if some of the savings generated by Kelly's other personnel moves hadn't been spent on the "upgrade" from to , but that's neither here nor there.We knew the justification for Kelly's trading of McCoy was money. We wrote about it : Apart from the on-field considerations, there is the money to consider. McCoy was scheduled to have the NFL's second-highest cap hit among all running backs next season ($10.25 million), and if theVikingselect to move on from , it would be the highest in the league. (Kiko) Alonso, meanwhile, has only the 43rd-highest cap hit among inside linebackers at Solomon Hill Jersey just under $786 thousand. Philly saves a ton of money in the trade, which has to be taken into consideration.Even linebacker :It was all about the money. Shady was making a good number, a big number this year and I think e sentially it was about getting that number down and adding quality players, adding a couple good players instead of having one great player at that high number.And of course, said it, too.We looked at (ditching McCoy's salary) as a positive. We had to change that around. That gave us the ability to free up money to put it into other situations."We traded McCoy for a $700,000 player. So you picked up how much money in the interim to Andre Iguodala Jersey be able to go out and get two other running backs, or go out and get a quarterback, or a defensive back? Or however you want to look at how the money was used. But theyre money decisions. If you look at everybody, its a money decision.The point here: this isn't new. It's not an after-the-fact rationalization that's coming up because many of Kelly's other moves (like Murray and Bradford) have not worked out as planned. The idea that Kelly couldn't deal with having star players on his roster never made sense. He immediately went out and signed Murray after trading McCoy. Money, and redistributing it to acquire better depth, was always the rationale.It just hasn't worked out as planned.

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