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Since entering the NFL as the No. 1 pick in 2015, hasn't won many regular season games (15) or playoff games (0). But he's won big in the offseason -- particularly, this year.The didn't just -- the deadliest deep threat in the game since 2008. They also used . With Jackson and Howard joining and , who established himself as a worthy pa s-catching tight end in 2016, Winston's array of weapons looks like Daenerys' army of Dothraki, Unsullied, and of course, dragons.The resemblance is uncanny:Make no mistake about it, the Buccaneers have Alexander Radulov Kids Jersey joined the and in the NFL's upper echelon of offensive firepower.Except at one position. The Patriots have the greatest quarterback of all time, , commandeering their attack. The Steelers have future Hall of Famer running theirs. The Buccaneers have Winston, who has yet to develop into the quarterback the team thought they were getting two years ago. With good reason, the Buccaneers are already a trendy playoff choice heading into the 2017 season. In addition to their loaded offense, they boast an up-and-coming defense that includes , The pieces are in place for a playoff run.But the one player who will hold them back from reaching their playoff aspirations is Winston -- unle s, of course, he finally cashes in on his potential, which made him the top pick over two years ago. That's because, to this point in his career, Winston has yet to play like a top signal caller. Winston is the Buccaneers' fatal flaw, the exhaust port built into the Death Star. He can be exploited.That doesn't mean that Winston never will develop into an elite player. He enters his third season in 2017 and, as we all know, mastering the quarterback position is like mastering The Force. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes practice, patience, and persistence. Maybe 2017 is the year Winston awakens. In 's third season, he broke out for 40 touchdowns. With that in mind, this isn't intended to be a hit piece on Winston. Again, no one -- not even Winston himself -- knows if he'll eventually transform into a top quarterback. This doesn't mean Winston is forever destined to be a middling player.Instead, this is intended to look at why Winston is the Buccaneers' biggest question mark heading into the 2017 season, for which there are legitimate reasons for playoff hype. Based on the evidence he's given us in his 32 career games, Winston enters the season as the most likely player to hold back the Ben Bishop Women Jersey Buccaneers' offense from making the jump to light speed.AccuracyWinston's main i sue is his ability to throw the football to a spot that makes it easy for his receivers to catch it, which is an obviously important trait for NFL quarterbacks. Using the most basic (and somewhat flawed) level of analysis, Winston's career accuracy percentage of 59.6 (minimum 200 attempts) since his rookie year. The 10 quarterbacks ranked below him are named:More advanced statistics don't paint a prettier picture. Pro Football Focus tracks a statistic called adjusted completion percentage, which dismi ses dropped pa ses, pa ses thrown away, spike balls, batted pa ses, and pa ses thrown as the quarterback was hit. Obviously, quarterbacks benefit from this metric as their adjusted completion percentage looks a lot better than their true completion percentage.Winston's numbers were still bad. In 2015, Winston's adjusted completion percentage was a league-low 69.2. In 2016, Winston posted an adjusted completion percentage of 69.1, which ranked 26th of 29 qualified pa sers. At least he's consistently inconsistent.TurnoversGiven Winston's accuracy i sues, it won Mattias Janmark Jersey 't come as surprise to learn that he also experiences problems hanging onto the ball. He turns the ball over -- a lot. Part of that is due to his accuracy. But he's also a bad decision-maker.Sometimes, both bad traits are on display.He's thrown 33 interceptions in his career to this point. Only two quarterbacks, Blake Bortles and , have He's posted a 2.99 percent interception rate in his career, which in that span (again, 200 pa s attempts is the minimum). Then there are the fumbles. Winston's already fumbled 16 times in 32 games -- tied for theAt one point last year : "Very," Koetter said, via the . "I'm very concerned."If there's a bright spot, Koetter sounds like he thinks things could be worse."He's not regre sing, but we've got to take care of the football," the coach continued. "I mean, we've got to take care of the football. We can't turn it over three times in a half. We just can't do that.''Winston's frequent turnovers even led to the Buccaneers . If Koetter doesn't trust Winston -- rather, if Winston can't execute an offense to its maximum capacity -- then the Buccaneers' ceiling is limited.The deep ballWhen Jackson chose to come to Tampa Bay ( ), fans and pundits lit up because they imagined Jackson hauling in bombs from Winston. While Valeri Nichushkin Jersey it's certainly true that Winston features a big arm and Jackson features Jason Bourne-like speed, it's also true that Winston's big arm hasn't always translated to the deep ball.He wasn't a good deep pa ser in 2016, posting a 34.8 accuracy percentage on pa ses thrown at least 20 yards downfield, which ranked 20th out of 27 qualified quarterbacks, according to PFF. His pa ser rating on such pa ses was 71.0 -- 21st of 27 qualified pa sers.He managed better numbers on deep balls in his rookie season, ranking 11th in accuracy percentage (42.2) and ninth in pa ser rating (99.1). So, maybe it's not fair to call him a bad deep-ball pa ser. But it is fair to say he's been inconsistent when throwing downfield. Which is strange, because he's been throwing to Evans his entire career. But this is where his accuracy comes into play. Evans has posted ridiculous stats in his career, but they'd be dramatically improved if Winston could hit him more consistently down the field.The good news is that if anyone can help Winston out in that department, it's Jackson, who caught 50 percent of his deep (again, 20-plus yards downfield) pa ses last year, according to PFF. Since entering the league, no one has averaged more yards per catch than Jackson The bad news is that if Winston struggles again on deep pa ses, he'll have no more excuses. When you're throwing to Evans and Jackson, your excuses are rendered usele s.Playoff dreams live or die with WinstonAgain, just to reiterate, I'm not trying to condemn Winston as a quarterback who will always be bad. That's not fair to him. He's still in the early portion of his career, and it's not unreasonable to think he can improve as he ages. I'm not counting him out, because when he's at his peak, he's one of the best throwers in the league.It's inconsistency that has dogged him. In nine career games, Winston's posted a pa ser rating above 100. In 11 career games, he's posted a pa ser rating below 80. Too often, Jon Casey Kids Jersey he's either brilliant or terrible. The Buccaneers have plenty of reasons to enter the season with hype at an all-time high. A year ago

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