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NFL Week 7 is underway. To keep tabs on some of the choicest highlights and other big news throughout Sunday, keep it here for updates. But first the schedule. Thursday 31, 30 () Sunday 33, 0 ( ) Kawhi Leonard Jersey 24, 16 ( )Bears 17, Panthers 3 ( )Jaguars 27, Colts 0 ( ) 26, Packers 17 ( ) 31, 28 ( )Bills 30, 27 ( ) 12, 9 in OT ( )Cowboys 40, 49ers 10 ( ) 29, 14 ( ) 21, 0 ( ) 24, 7 ( )Atlanta at New England,8:30 p.m. ET on NBC ( )MondayWashington at Philadelphia, 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN ( ) Let's get trickyThe Seahawks pulled off the best trick play of the day with this double-pa s, which was capped off with an incredible grab by in the end zone. The catch would be incredible on its own but the extra wrinkle of it being a fancy trick play makes everything a bit more fun. . goes ALL the way up to make the grab.Wow.Touchdown, ! NFL (@NFL) The Steelers also ran some succe sful trickery of their own. FAKE PUNT ALERT! NFL (@NFL) Zeke zooms to a hot start A 49ers fumble on the opening kickoff set up the in great position to start the game, and () pounded the rock in for a one-yard touchdown. Zeke followed that up by scoring a few minutes later with a 25-yard rush. Two touchdowns in the first three-and-a-half minutes of the game is a pretty strong start for the Cowboys running back. 25-yard TD run! NFL (@NFL) But wait, there's more! Elliott took a screen pa s 72 yards to the house to close out the first half for the Cowboys. Condolences to anyone facing him in Fantasy this week. . goes the DISTANCE.And safety Jeff Heath's extra point is GOOD. NFL (@NFL) ... so disrespectful Yes, that is quite rude. That's the kind of stiff arm that makes a defender want to pack his bags and go straight home. Mah gawd that stiff arm... Benstonium (@Benstonium) Terrible defense, outstanding celebration The Steelers took advantage of some very bad defense from the Bengals on this touchdown to , but the score was quickly outdone by the ensuing celebration in the end zone. Come for the TD catch.But stay for Hide & Seek. NFL (@NFL) Seriously, this is so great. The Steelers are clearly better at finding their players than the Bengals are. They played Hide & Seek after the TD. Avery Bradley Jersey NFL (@NFL) casually makes a 'catch of the day' candidate They oughta call him Jason Wit-five because he only needs one hand to get the job done. (I'm sorry for this one.) . ONE HAND TOUCHDOWN CATCH!Beautiful. NFL (@NFL) Bolting to six opened the scoring in the Broncos-Chargers game with a punt return touchdown, and he did so nearly untouched. Great blocking from L.A. on this play. Proceed with caution when kicking to . NFL (@NFL) Titans escape humiliation in Cleveland The Browns hadn't won a single game heading into Sunday's contest at home against the Titans. They put up a commendable fight against Tenne see but, alas, they lost again. But, on the bright side, they lost in overtime, so things are (relatively) looking up in Cleveland! Congratulations to the Titans for narrowly avoiding being the league's laughing stock this week. . for the WIN! NFL (@NFL) Weird finish in Buffalo The Buccaneers couldn't get the miracle to go their way, but you certainly have to give them credit for trying. The final play today in Buffalo... NFL (@NFL) Rams go off on offense again The Rams came into this weekend with the NFL's top offensive unit and they once again finished above the 30-point threshold on Sunday. Los Angeles took it to the Cardinals in their contest in London, beating Arizona 33-0. Another thrilling contest for football fans in England to enjoy! Get the to and watch him weave through the defense for SIX. NFL (@NFL) torching in their own barn Jaguars are higher up on the food chain than horses, Patrick Beverley Jersey which helps explain what's happened during Sunday's contest in Indianapolis. (Also, the Colts stink.) The Jags are running wild in Indy and making it look pretty easy. T.J. Yeldon let his engine purr with this 58-yard sprint to the end zone in the third quarter. TO THE HOUSE! goes 58 Los Angeles Clippers Jersey yards for the score. NFL (@NFL) only needs one hand "Run CMC" became "Catch CMC" in pretty impre sive fashion on Sunday. Not bad ups for a dude south of six feet tall ... Decent grab by Christian McCaffrey Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) finds his inner This ridiculous catch from Kenny Stills is part skill, part focus, and part luck ... but completely amazing. It's also one that may bring fans flashbacks to Jermaine Kearse's catch against the in Super Bowl XLIX. KENNY STILLS. SIR. Jeff Eisenband (@JeffEisenband) Rookie-to-rookie connection in Chicago You already know , but the offense is having a bit of fun as well. Here's rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky finding rookie running back for a ma sive gain that helped set up a field goal. . goes DEEP and finds for a 70-yard gain. NFL (@NFL) defense feasting on Carolina's mistakes The ' first drive didn't exactly lead to the result they wanted. Wide receiver didn't exactly inspire a lot of faith in his hands as he flubbed a pitch from and allowed the Bears' to take it back for a defensive TD. Scoop & SCORE.Touchdown, ! NFL (@NFL) Jackson and Chicago's defense came up with yet another defensive touchdown later in the first half with this wacky interception. . is EVERYWHERE today.Another TD! NFL (@NFL) So, for those keeping track at home, that's a 75-yard scoop and score and a 76-yard pick-six for Jackson in the first half alone. Have a day, son. Miami Olphins See what I did there? (If not, it's because Miami's D is basically invisible today. Learn basic humor for me.) Just look at this run from ...not exactly a tackling clinic put on by the Fins. . makes 'em MISS NFL (@NFL) And look at this touchdown pa s from . Plenty of empty space to work with both on and off the field. Me immediately after doing anything somewhat productive Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) Look what I found! 's tenacity (and Buffalo's ineptitude) turned a would-be interception into a first down reception for D-Jax. Tampa is probably going to want to avoid throws like that for the rest of the day, but sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Wait... How'd he catch that?? ! NFL (@NFL) Brutal. had to leave the first quarter of the Ravens-Vikings game after taking this scary shot to the head from a Minnesota defender. The blow was so violent that Wallace's helmet popped off. He had to be helped off the field by the team's medical staff. Oh man. The Big Lead (@thebiglead) still have a dangerous A-A-Ron Green Bay entered Sunday without ready to go under center for the first time in a long while, but they managed to get off to a hot start regardle s Jerome Robinson Jersey . didn't even need to complete a pa s on

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